IVECO has welcomed the government consultation to extend the gross vehicle weight allowance for alternative fuel light commercial vehicles (LCVs) which can be driven by standard Category B licence holders from 3.5 tonnes up to 4.25 tonnes.

Current UK legislation states that a driver needs a C1 category licence to drive a vehicle with a GVW over 3.5 tonnes. The proposal is to increase that allowance by 0.75 tonnes, so drivers with a Category B licence can operate alternative fuel LCVs up to 4.25 tonnes, without needing to complete additional training, sit a new licence test and undergo medical examinations. This is in line with the current 3.5t GVW plus 750kg trailer allowed with a category B licence.

The additional weight allowance will effectively offset the increased weight of the powertrain on natural gas and electric vehicles, meaning they can carry at least the same weight of goods as conventional 3.5 tonne diesel vehicles.