THE EASE by which the Contraflow drivers can adjust the reversing speed of the Isuzu 7.5 tonne Forward truck, matching the variable walking pace of operatives collecting traffic cones, was one of the principle considerations behind Cumbernauld based Contraflow Ltd replacing an incumbent 7.5 tonne truck with an equivalent Isuzu in its 60 strong motorway traffic management fleet.

‘By law, when we collect traffic cones from roadworks that are completed, our vehicles are not allowed to drive in the opposite direction to the ongoing traffic. As a result, much of this vehicle’s operation is spent reversing along the carriageway. We found that the Isuzu is the perfect vehicle for matching the different speeds of the traffic cone collectors as it travels in reverse, which makes it so much easier for the driver to work in unison with the collectors,’ said Jim Gardner, transport manager at Contraflow Ltd.

Currently working out of Contraflow’s depot in Hillington, Glasgow, the new Isuzu Forward N75.190 (E) is the first Isuzu to operate in the Contraflow fleet and was supplied by local Isuzu truck dealer, Imperial Commercials (Glasgow) Ltd in Govan.