Second Hand Trailer Demand Outstripping Supply

The knock-on effect of trailer production grinding to a halt is that the second hand market is struggling to cope with demand to make up for the shortfall. Steve Banner rounds up the second hand trailer market.

STAFFORDSHIRE based manufacturer Don-Bur is establishing its own used trailers operation. ‘We’re setting up a website and we’ve rented some land which we’ll be using to hold our stock,’ reveals group marketing manager, Richard Owens. ‘We’re doing it because a lot of our customers ask us to dispose of their existing trailers. We’ll now be in a position to say ‘don’t worry about it, we’ll take them off your hands’.’
The new operation will be multi-make, he stresses and adds: ‘We’ve just taken in some SDC trailers that we’ll be selling.’ Also, trailer industry veteran Ian Bolton has been recruited as sales manager.
Don-Bur is entering a buoyant sector. ‘Demand is high, and stock is low,’ reveals Andy Livingstone, trailer sales manager at Stockport Truck Centre (STC). ‘A few months ago, it was a buyer’s market. Now it’s a seller’s market.’
Brian Parkinson, Boalloy’s trailer sales manager, says: ‘There’s no stock to be had and it’s really frustrating. At one point recently I’d sold everything I’d got.’

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