Scottish Gritter Fleet On Standby

A RECORD number of gritters will be available to patrol the Scottish trunk road network this winter. The fleet features 230 gritters from 40 depots around the trunk road network, as well as incident response vehicles, and includes an enhanced patrol provision.
Further improvements announced by Transport Scotland include: Installation of sensors on the Queensferry Crossing to improve the detection and management of ice accretion.
Installation of Motorway Access Control units on the M80 to advise of restrictions and closures.
The on-going live trials of 50:50 pre-wetted salt treatments to the M8 to utilise the latest combination spreader from Germany.
‘We have refined our route-specific snow plans for the M8, M74, M77 and M80, with the help of our operating companies and Police Scotland, and salt barns across the country hold more salt than was used during the entire winter of 19/20.
‘We also carried out our annual snow desk exercises in late October to test winter service operations within an on-going COVID-19 environment,’ revealed a Transport Scotland spokesman.

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