January ‘Hidden Deadline’ For DVS

FLEET managers are warned there is a hidden deadline to applying for Transport for London’s Direct Vision Standard (DVS) permit.
As of October, goods vehicles over 12 tonnes required a permit to drive into Greater London under DVS, which is based on a ‘star rating’ indicating how much a driver can see from the cab.
It was recently announced that enforcement of the legislation will now be introduced from March 2021 because of the upheaval logistics firms and other HGV operators have faced during the coronavirus epidemic.
But there is an unwritten deadline of 31 January 2021 because fleet operators must allow TFL 28 days to approve or reject applications, warns vehicle road safety specialist Emily Hardy, of Kent based Brigade Electronics.
She said: ‘This deadline does not allow for time if your application is rejected. An additional factor is that some manufacturers are taking two weeks to respond to star rating enquiries, so fleet managers need to factor in an additional deadline date of January 2021.
‘If you have not received confirmation of your permit by 1 March your vehicles will not be recognised by the Automatic Number Plate recognition cameras and you will receive a penalty charge notice,’ Emily warned.

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