Zero Benefit Rate For EVs

THE NEW 0% benefit-in-kind rate for electric vans that takes effect on 6 April has been ‘under publicised’ when it should be helping lead to faster, wider adoption, said the Association of Fleet Operators (AFP).
Chair Paul Hollick said that a key element of success in boosting demand for electric cars over the last year has been the low level of taxation, and that something similar needs to happen in the light commercial vehicle sector.
‘We’ve seen in the EV market how the 0% tax rate has been decisive when it comes to driving company car driver interest and, as it has become more widely known, demand for electric cars has increased exponentially.
‘While eLCV drivers have a much reduced say over what they drive compared to company cars, there is certainly potential for a similar effect. However, our feeling across the AFP membership is that the whole subject has been under publicised.
‘We are now in a position where a choice of electric vans are coming onto the market to meet a wide range of needs. What we need now is greater awareness.

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