DfT Green Light Dick Denby Eco-Link trial

The Department for Transport (DfT) is planning a major trial of around 3,000 25m artics on Britain’s roads this year, writes Carol Millett.

Denby Transport has been given permission by the DfT to use its Eco-Link B-double road train as a demonstrator from next month. Denby Transport chairman Dick Denby, who has been lobbying the government to trial the vehicle for over 20 years, said DfT is looking at issuing a Section 44 permit to enable the Denby Eco-Link B-double road train to take to the road from 1 March.

The move follows a recent survey of hauliers which was requested by DfT as evidence of industry appetite for the 25.25m 60-tonne B-double road trains. The survey revealed overwhelmingly positive feedback, with 80% of respondents stating their intention to adopt the vehicle.

He said: ‘DfT wanted to know if there was sufficient interest for a trial of 3,000 trucks. The survey showed there is – and getting the Denby Eco-Link onto the road will draw even more interest.

‘I am currently in discussions with DfT officials on the parameters of the Section 44 licence and hopefully we will get on the road very soon.’

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