DHL And Volvo Go Electric, Up To 60 Tonnes

DHL FREIGHT and Volvo Trucks have partnered to speed up the introduction of heavy-duty electric trucks for regional transport in Europe, in a combined effort that marks another step towards climate neutral transport solutions.
Currently, the main use of electric trucks has been for shorter distances within cities and urban areas. However DHL Freight and Volvo Trucks have now initiated a project focusing on longer distance heavy transport. The cooperation includes worldwide first pilot tests of a fully electric Volvo FH truck with gross combination weights up to 60 tonnes.
The truck will operate between two DHL Freight logistics terminals in Sweden, a distance of approximately 150km. During the trial, Volvo and DHL will gain important information regarding the setup and operation of an adequate charging infrastructure, which will help to optimise the right balance between operated distance, load weight and charging points in daily road freight operations.

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