MAN’s Digital Service Now Live

A NEW digital service ‘MAN Now’, claims to be the first service to offer over-the-air features and has gone live in the EU, Norway, the UK and Switzerland.
Similar to a smartphone, which sees the user install the apps that they currently require, customers on the MAN Now platform receive upgrades that enable them to adapt the functionality of their trucks to their respective needs. These upgrades, such as MAN OnlineTraffic, can now be run enroute and at any time via mobile Internet, without the need for cables or a visit to the workshop. Just like a smartphone.
The MAN Now function allows customers to benefit from up-to-date information about traffic jams or traffic disruption and can optimise their route. The navigation system works out alternative routes on the basis of this data. Restrictions that are relevant to truck drivers in particular, such as clearance heights or permissible gross weights on bridges, are taken into account.

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