Weekly Online Sales Success

THE MOVE to weekly sales by Commercial Vehicle Auctions (CVA) has paid dividends for both vendors and buyers.
There have been no physical sales since last year, with everything put up for sale online, revealed Ross Dalton, managing director and auctioneer.
“We conducted extensive market research with trade and retail buyers across our vendor portfolio. The overall consensus was that a faster stock turnaround and shorter sale days would be attractive.”
After an 18 month upwardly trend, demand and conversion rates have continued since the weekly online sale was introduced. “Demand is still strong due to shortages in the used marketplace, this is especially evident for any vehicle destined for the parcel delivery sector,” he reported.
“The 7.0 tonne panel van type vehicles have been popular over the last few years and hammer values continue to rise (particularly for those with reasonable mileage).
“Euro 6 tractor units have seen price increases recently, in part due to the shortage of availability in the market place, and part due to increased demand from the export market.
“And there is also a shortage of good quality trailers in the market place with clean curtain sides and flats all fetching premium prices at present.”
Even though stock levels are up year-on-year the number is lower than would be expected, in part because of rental companies still reporting high utilisation rates. “Many Christmas-peak vehicles are still working,” he explained. “The hiatus on repossessions, and constricted supply of new vehicles is also playing its part in limiting the number of vehicles available in the market place.”

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