Latest COVID Testing Rules

THE RHA welcomes the news that from 6 April, Covid testing will apply to all commercial vehicle drivers entering GB from continental EU (not Ireland) if they stay in GB for more than 48 hours, the first test to be taken within 48 hours of arrival.

Commenting, RHA chief executive Richard Burnett said: “The UK vaccination scheme is most definitely working but we cannot let our safety regimes and procedures slip. This latest legislation will apply to ALL commercial drivers, whether they are returning from, or originating from the EU. It’s a completely fair system and will keep GB and the EU member states protected as we all embark upon the road to recovery.

Sarah Laouadi, European policy manager at Logistics UK said: “It is vitally important to protect the UK and its highly interconnected supply chain. It is worth remembering that drivers are, by the nature of their jobs and thanks to contactless delivery procedures, a very low risk category.”

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