Diversify And Conquer

Moving into different sectors within road haulage is no mean feat, and for Blacks Haulage Solutions this transition keeps the trucks rolling when one line of work slows down, as Stuart Black and Jakki Loudon explain to Kevin Swallow.

THE RAMIFICATIONS of an infectious disease were at the forefront of Stuart Black’s mind as he considered the worst case scenario for his haulage business.
As managing director of Blacks Haulage Solutions, based in Bathgate, the firm has built its reputation in the trout and fish food transport sector, which represented the majority of its work. “The fish industry is good to us, and it is still a good part of the business,” he says, but he was concerned that too many eggs were in too few baskets.
“I’ve always got that at the back of my mind and it led us to diversify our business. We continue with fish, that work has made the company what it is today, but now we are bringing in other work in case anything happens to the fish business. By trying to spread our wings a wee bit we have something else to fall back on.”

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