Grange Quarries’ First Harsh Tipper

GRANGE Quarries of Lockerbie is celebrating its 21st birthday with a 10 vehicle fleet expansion, the latest tipper being fitted with both a Harsh front end tipping gear and a ‘Slide n’ Cover’ sheeting system.
“This vehicle is a bit different from our usual tippers,” said Grange director Stuart Dodd. “Harsh has a significant presence in Scotland, and we deemed it time to try their equipment as part of a higher overall specification. The finished tipper is certainly impressive, particularly in terms of the wider range of work we can put it to, ranging from everyday aggregates jobs through to delivering lime to farms or ultra-heavy duty tasks such as tipping rock armour for sea defences.
“First and foremost we want tippers offering the maximum possible versatility to cover the full spectrum of our duties” said Stuart’s brother and operations manager Robbie, who added, “and, of course, without carrying unnecessary weight.”

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