Truck Fleet Switches To HVO Fuel

FIFTH generation family business Simpsons Malt has reduced net CO2 emissions from its trucks by up to 90% in a matter of weeks after switching its fleet from diesel to HVO, or hydrotreated vegetable oil, made from 100% renewable raw materials.
In January 2021, Simpsons Malt took delivery of a 140,000 litre steel bunded HVO fuel storage tank from provider Crown Oil and 28 trucks in the company’s fleet based out of its Berwick-upon-Tweed headquarters, comprising 21 DAFs, six Scanias and one MAN, have transitioned over to HVO.
Additional haulage partners are also using the fossil-free fuel for their malt deliveries with the company.
To showcase that the wagons are running more sustainably, an HVO logo has been applied to the rear of the trailer.
David McCreath, Simpsons Malt transport manager, said: “We’re passionate in our quest to reduce our carbon footprint and switching 28 wagons in our fleet based out of Berwick-upon-Tweed to HVO, significantly reduces the level of harmful emissions we produce.
“In the five months our wagons have been running on HVO, we have been very impressed with the performance, with no change in the miles per gallon of the vehicles.”

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