Driver Shortage Solutions

PALL-EX Group has joined voices in logistics to highlight the growing crisis faced by the industry due to HGV driver shortages.

It operates a pallet network of 160 independent haulage firms across the UK: 74% of its members say they are affected by driver shortages every single day, and 100% said that the situation was causing their business to suffer.

The network is calling for the following actions to help alleviate the crisis:

  • Greater incentives for young people to train as HGV drivers
  • Force insurance companies to cover new drivers
  • Encourage insurance companies to lower the minimum age from 25 to 21 to enable more young drivers to enter the industry
  • Government support with the costs of training for an HGV licence
  • Temporary relaxation of CPC regulations to allow drivers whose certification has lapsed to re-enter the workforce, with 12 months grace to complete refresher training.

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