LCVs Registrations Rise Again

REGISTRATIONS of light commercials rose by 6.1% in August although there are concerns about the future supply of LCVs. At the end of last year, a number of manufacturers had overstocked in readiness for any adverse consequences of Brexit. As a result, a large percentage of August’s van registrations can be attributed to customers opting for slightly different specification vans, due to their immediate availability.

The strongest segments in volume terms were the medium (2.0-2.5t) and large (2.5-3.5t) LCV sectors, up 4.7% and 7.0% respectively. This maximum weight sector now represents over 60.7% of the whole LCV market up to 3.5 tonnes. The recent growth in online deliveries coupled with strong demand in the building and construction industries have accelerated registrations.

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