Study finds LNG trucks ‘no cleaner than diesel’

HGVs powered by liquefied natural gas (LNG) are no better for the climate than diesel trucks and pollute the air more than manufacturers claim, a report by a clean transport campaign group has concluded.

Transport & Environment said only zero-emissions HGVs such as battery electric vehicles should be supported by lawmakers and it called for gas fuelling stations to be kicked out of EU fuel infrastructure targets and the end to government subsidies for LNG trucks.

However, the renewable gas industry heavily criticised the study and said it was poorly referenced and failed to meet necessary scientific standards. James Westcott, chief commercial officer at Gasrec, criticised the study.

“We would strongly challenge the findings of the report, which is poorly referenced, involved just two trucks – one diesel and one LNG – from a single manufacturer, and puts far too much weight on performance during stop-start journeys in rural and urban environments,” he said.

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