I-Save Claims Volvo Fuel Savings

VOLVO TRUCKS is introducing updates to its 11 and 13 litre Euro 6 engine. A lower fuel consumption is being achieved through reduced friction in the engine and a refined combustion process and the engine torque is controlled by the updated I-See feature.
Christian Coolsaet, MD of Volvo Trucks UK & Ireland, said: “The Volvo FH 460 with I-Save is already Volvo’s most fuel-efficient 44 tonne tractor unit and holds the fuel efficiency record (9.49 mpg) around TN’s sister title Commercial Motor’s test route, which runs from Nuneaton up the M6, crossing the country close to the border with Scotland on local roads, before returning south on the M1.
“With the driveline updates to come in 2022, Volvo Trucks believes the record can be improved even further.”

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