Renault’s Silent UK Roadshow Started In Scotland

Coinciding with the opening day of the COP26 Climate Change Conference held in Glasgow’s city centre, Renault launched their UK-wide zero emissions EV Roadshow 2021, a mere five miles to the east in Strathclyde Park. Alistair Vallance saw the electric rigids put through their paces, but hardly heard them!
CALLING at nine dealer locations over the course of a fortnight, Renault embarked on an ambitious 11-day timetable starting with Renault Trucks Scotland and then moving south, travelling overnight, to open up again at a new venue every morning. An impressive undertaking by any standards, but the distances to be covered were pretty awesome too – all the way down to Poole and back up to Norfolk when the truck batteries were finally given a rest.
What really made this quite an achievement however was the ability of all three participating vehicles to cover the entire route under their own battery power, with strategic top-up charging of course.
Invited guests at the opening roadshow based in the car park of the Alona Hotel were invited to test a Renault D Wide 26 tonne ZE LEC with a CP Davidson refuse body; a D 16 tonne ZE with a Bevans Box Body and a neat looking Master ZE – a veritable caged-bodied all-rounder.

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