Still A Sellers’ Market For Now

Used trucks remain thin on the ground, but there are signs more trucks are becoming available, writes Steve Banner.
PRICES of second-hand trucks are still at stratospheric levels, and the stock shortage at dealerships remains acute.
Tom Morris is the head of used trucks at Mercedes-Benz. He said: “The supply of used vehicles into the market is lower than it has ever been, while demand is higher than it has ever been. Prices are incredible and continuing to rise.”
Peter Tye, used truck and rental director at Renault Trucks, agreed: “Demand is outstripping supply, and that’s an understatement. Anything and everything is selling, and I’m not joking.
“We might see a better situation in terms of supply by the third quarter of this year, but I think it will be 2023 before the market gets back to normal.”

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