Hultsteins offers solutions to TRU cost hikes after red diesel ban

Hydraulic refrigeration firm Hultsteins said it was focusing on two products for customers needing a solution to their red diesel-powered TRUs when the Treasury introduces the fuel ban next month, writes Chris Tindall.

The company said operators may not have calculated just how much the change in the law will cost them when it starts on 1 April, or even how to avoid the problems it will pose.

The Cold Chain Federation said hauliers were facing an imminent increase in fuel costs and that the government had reneged on a promise to support a transition away from using diesel for transport refrigeration.

Hultsteins said it was offering customers two solutions: EcoFridge, which uses a hydraulic pump to draw energy from the rigid truck engine to drive the fridge; and Ecogen, an electric generator, which works in tandem with the fridge trailer unit to generate a constant 400V.

Transport News has the full story in the May 2022 issue. 

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