Northern Rewards Moves To Manchester

IT HAS now been confirmed that the Transport News Northern Rewards presentation breakfast has been moved from Harrogate on 13th May to the Mercure Hotel, Manchester on Friday 7th October with an 8.45am for 9.30 start.

“The reason for the shift from Yorkshire in May was a pile-up of road haulage industry events all suddenly being held at that time which would, we felt, cause staffing problems for sponsors and table owners. Also, we were becoming increasingly conscious that there was no Tip-ex Show to visit ‘next door,’” explained TN editor Kevin Swallow.

“So, we decided to take a different view and, reflecting on how successful the ‘Trade Day’ theme has become attached to the Scottish Rewards in the City of Glasgow, we thought ‘Let’s go for the same concept for the Northern Rewards in the City of Manchester’.”

  • Nominations now open: For the complete list of Northern Rewards categories and online nominations form, visit

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