Grafters Good For Driver Training

ISUZU’s 3.5 tonne Grafter is becoming the ‘go to’ truck being used by companies across the UK to encourage potential new drivers into the transport and logistics industry. Four new Isuzu Grafter N35.125 curtainsided rigids have joined the EFS Global fleet at their depots in Motherwell, Burnley, Atherton, and Tamworth.
“It’s part of our dedicated programme to use the Grafters within the transition process for new recruits, with the key objective of them ultimately achieving full Class I driver status,” said Mark Jones, managing director, EFS Global.
“We have added the Grafters into our pallet distribution network fleet for home deliveries. At 3.5 tonnes GVW, they offer a much greater flexibility and payload for this type of work. Each new recruit will get at least two weeks driving experience in them, where we monitor their individual driving abilities, aptitude and overall performance.”

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