New Volvo FH540 Delivers ‘Substantial’ Fuel Savings

ND YOUNG Transport has calculated its new Volvo FH540 6×2 tractor unit will save it roughly £7,600 per year in fuel costs versus the truck from a rival manufacturer. The haulier and sand and gravel merchant has recently added the FH, equipped with Globetrotter XL cab, to its 11 strong fleet.
Paired with a Fruehauf bulk tipper trailer it will deliver aggregates across the UK, clocking up roughly 80,000 miles per year.
Norman Young, who owns the southern based business with his wife Madeleine, said: “The driver is averaging 8.27mpg in this new Volvo and he was getting around 7.4mpg from the 520hp truck he has just come out of. With diesel prices as they are, we’ll save around £7,600 each year in fuel.”

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