‘Significant Growth’ For Renault Trucks

IN 2021, Renault Trucks recorded ‘significant’ business growth, with a total of 51,460 vehicles invoiced (+25%) in a dynamic market, despite disruption of supplies to its production lines. Renault Trucks also recorded a 44% increase in its European order intake and achieved a 41% increase in the market for vehicles over 6 tonnes.
In France, the manufacturer now boasts a ten-year high market share of 29.8%. The brand performed particularly well in Poland, with an 89% increase (1,705 vehicles), and in the UK (+56%).
The manufacturer also recorded steady growth in the penetration of its service agreements, which accompanied 45% of its vehicle sales in 2021.
Demand for used trucks remained high in a market boosted by the upturn in activity and a shortage of new vehicles due to disruptions to production.
For several years now, Renault Trucks’ range of electric trucks has been constantly expanding. In 2021, 249 electric trucks were delivered and 613 were ordered.

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