Green Fleet Aspirations – Survey

SUSTAINABILITY and carbon reduction is now the number one priority for almost half of UK commercial fleets (45%), according to research from mobility solutions specialists Bridgestone and Webfleet Solutions.
The need to decarbonise topped both the digital transformation of fleet processes (cited by 42% of decision-makers) and driver safety (37%), with the same number prioritising cost reduction.
Despite their net zero commitment, the study among 300 fleet decision-makers revealed they believe it will be more than eight years before their fleets are fully carbon neutral, 7.5 years for HGV operators and 8.7 years for van fleets.
Overall, 43% of HGV operators plan to invest in alternative fuel vehicles over the next 12 months, while 36% of van fleets plan to introduce electric vehicles (EVs). Almost two in five fleets (39%) will purchase energy efficient tyres.
Strategic action is being spurred not only by regulation, but by increasing recognition that ‘the cost of buying, operating and maintaining EVs is now typically lower than for fossil-fuelled equivalents’.
Alongside the business impetus to decarbonise, decision-makers harbour strong personal motivations, with 61% wanting to protect their health, that of their family and the next generation.

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