Slim Pickings As OEM’s Launch Authorised Used Truck Schemes

Operators wanting a second-hand truck are being pragmatic about availability, age and mileage, writes Steve Banner, who catches up with two truck manufacturers as they rebrand their official used truck packages.

STOCK shortages continue to bedevil used truck dealers. Still waiting for new vehicles to be delivered, and conscious that they may not appear until well into 2023, operators are hanging on to the ones they already have; and are not releasing them onto the second-hand market unless they are compelled to.
Jack Homer, Hartshorne Group used truck sales manager, confirmed the ongoing situation: “Used availability is virtually non-existent, prices are at an all-time high as a consequence, and I don’t see the situation changing for the next 18 months.”
Likewise, leasing companies are only too aware of the difficulties that are making themselves felt, as Mark Fletcher, Hexagon Leasing’s managing director, said: “There’s a global problem with new vehicle production which has caused a huge shortage. This in turn has forced used prices up and up over the last 12 months.

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