Volta Designs 7.5 And 12 Tonne Variants

VOLTA Trucks, has revealed its forthcoming 7.5 and 12 tonne Zero variants, the second product family in its full-electric vehicle range.
The 7.5 and 12 tonne Volta Zeros have been designed by partner, Astheimer Design in Warwick.
The new vehicles bear a visual relationship to the larger 16 tonne vehicle which is undergoing extensive engineering development and testing ahead of customer evaluation during 2022. The 7.5 and 12 tonne vehicles will be visually identical at the front, with the 12 tonne vehicle having a second set of rear wheels to accommodate the increased vehicle payload. They also carry over the principles of the innovative cab and premium working environment for drivers.
Thanks to the Volta Zero’s innovative central driving position, the driver can enter and exit the vehicle on either side, always onto the pavements for their own safety, and through sliding rather than swinging doors.

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