Ford E-Transit Breaks Cover

Ford has launched its much-anticipated E-Transit, reports John Kendall, so what does it mean for the competition?

FORD’S DOMINANCE of the UK light CV market van is always going to ensure that a new Ford van model will generate a lot of interest both among customers and the company’s rivals. Interest among potential customers may be obvious, but why among rivals?
When Ford enters an LCV market sector it will stimulate interest and open the market and the view is that what’s good for Ford is good for everyone else too.
So, Ford’s entry into the electric van sector is bound to be big news. Van models tend to stay in production for far longer than car models. It’s simple economics. Van sales are far lower than for car models (although Ford has disproved that point before now), so it takes longer to sell the number of vehicles needed to cover the development costs, which means they stay in production for longer.

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