• IRU Aims To Tackle Road Transport Problems

    THE INTERNATIONAL Road Transport Union, is calling on international organisations, governments and industry stakeholders to safeguard the role of road transport in driving economic prosperity, through the launch of its new manifesto, which lays out […]

  • DVSA Cracks Down On Dangerous Abnormal Loads

    SPECIALIST operators in the heavy haulage industry are being told to follow the law or face prosecution. This warning follows DVSA successfully prosecuting ‘reckless’ haulage operators for using Special Type General Order (STGO) vehicles overloaded […]

  • Call For Cars To Be Included In Newcastle CAZ

    UPDATED proposals for a Clean Air Zone (CAZ) in Newcastle will hurt local businesses while failing to provide the most effective method to improve air quality, according to the FTA. With Newcastle City Council due […]

  • Longman Lane Closures, Just The Beginning…

    WORK HAS begun on the A9/A82 Longman junction improvement scheme, as previewed in Transport News, August. The work in Inverness was expected to last around nine weeks, the majority of which will take place off […]

  • Road to Logistics

    THE ROAD Haulage Association and telematics company Microlise report that government has pledged £1m to support Road to Logistics, a not for profit scheme founded by the two organisations. ‘This is the culmination of three […]

  • reduction in fuel duty

    ALTHOUGH focusing on spending, the Road Haulage Association was disappointed that Chancellor Sajid Javid made no mention of the keenly anticipated reduction in fuel duty in September’s Spending Review. ‘Recently we have seen much speculation […]

  • generating revenue

    THE RHA says that a move to give councils powers to fine lorry drivers is about generating revenue. Local Government Association (LGA) has called on government to allow councils to enforce against moving traffic violations. […]

  • Smart Tacho Legislation Boosts HGV Sales

    UK HGV registration figures for quarter two of 2019 indicated an increase by a massive 46% over last year, an unusually high leap, largely due to the implementation of the EU Smart Tachograph legislation on […]

  • Impact Of Fuel Duty Recognised

    LATE AUGUST newspaper reports suggested that Prime Minister Boris Johnson has recognised the impact of fuel duty on the economy and RHA chief executive Richard Burnett was quick to respond: ‘After many years of tireless […]