• Last Stralis Test

    Last Stralis Test

    This is the last Iveco Stralis to be put under the spotlight, as it’ll be replaced by the S-Way next year. The outgoing model has had a good run, with the XP demonstrating a culmination […]

  • Livingston Auction

    Livingston Auction

    ‘A gap in the market’ spurred on Commercial Vehicle Auctions to open up a new permanent site in Scotland. Kevin Swallow went along to the opening sale in Livingston, bringing the auction to new customers.

  • Volvo Action Service

    Volvo Action Service

    From a humble start in Britain, Volvo Action Service is now a global operation and Brian Weatherley discovers the Volvo Group’s Uptime Solutions operation in Gent is about more than just roadside rescue.

  • Quarries Fleet

    Quarries Fleet

    For three years Patersons Quarries supplied aggregates for the huge motorway infrastructure project south east of Glasgow. Now completed, Gordon Carlton explains to Kevin Swallow how the company is downsizing its fleet.

  • NETV investing

    NETV investing

    Covering the north east of England, Cumbria, Humberside and Lincolnshire, commercial vehicle dealership North East Truck & Van is investing in its future both on the ground and on the road, with the arrival of […]

  • CFS Boost

    CFS Boost

    On the back of Iveco and Cartwright Fleet Services both showing an appetite for growth, CFS Glasgow is already experiencing a business boost. Recently appointed dealer principal Allan Kennedy outlines his plans for future development.

  • Fleet Restructuring

    Fleet Restructuring

    From South Lanarkshire, Martyn Ward runs a plant hire and civil engineering business and has just bought a DAF XF and Andover trailer. He talks to Kevin Swallow about restructuring the fleet.

  • Diesel Not Dead

    Diesel Not Dead

    Powerful choices need careful planning: Manufacturers are pumping millions into the development of electric and other powertrains, but that doesn’t mean they are abandoning diesel just yet.

  • Loading Responsibility

    Loading Responsibility

    Lorry drivers are responsible for securing the load, but Kevin Swallow asks if it is time for that responsibility to be shared with their employer and the consignor, as in the hazardous goods sector.

  • Cabless Scania

    Cabless Scania

    In the latest milestone in the development of heavy self driving vehicles, Scania has created a concept truck, which, even without the cab, reflects the company’s trademark modular system.


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