OTS TANKCARE have created an independent fuel certification scheme for fuel distributors that has been authorised by the FPS (Federation of Petroleum Suppliers).

The unique TankCare FQC (Fuel Quality & Certification) Scheme is designed to mitigate against one of the biggest risks facing fuel distributors today – the alleged delivery of dirty fuel, more likely to be caused by a customer’s dirty storage tank.

A distributor certificated under the new scheme would be able to prove to a court of law that their fuel was clean when it left their depot, whereas it is unlikely that a customer making a claim of dirty fuel being delivered, could prove their storage tank was clean and fit for purpose at the time of delivery.

The TankCare FQC Scheme will raise the quality of fuel standards across the industry by regularly measuring stocks for contaminants to accurately predict if fuel is likely to deteriorate in quality, before providing accreditation and assurance of quality levels.

The scheme will work by testing oil and diesel storage tanks at six weeks, and then at six months.

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