• Tipping In Style

    Tipping In Style

    For those in bulk haulage who cube out before weighing out there is a chance to specify a little extra to the wagon to make life easier, like Volvo’s dual clutch. In the idyllic terrain […]

  • Getting Low Down And Thrifty

    Getting Low Down And Thrifty

    To run long haul routes more efficiently manufacturers have embraced ‘down speeding’ where engines work at lower revs. Now Volvo Trucks has gone one step further and reintroduced turbo-compounding. Kevin Swallow considers if this really […]

  • Choosing The Right Weight

    Choosing The Right Weight

    Worried the 7.5 tonner cannot carry enough payload? Many operators are looking to improve productivity by moving up the weight categories, and as Kevin Swallow discovers, the 12 tonner is popular these days. FOR SHEER […]

  • How Far Can You Go With Electricity?

    How Far Can You Go With Electricity?

    It seemed an ideal opportunity to drive the electric powered Fuso eCanter following the Transport News’ Clean Air Roadshow at Hampden Park, and it raised a few eyebrows within Glasgow’s Low Emission Zone! Kevin Swallow […]

  • Tackling The Urban Delays

    Tackling The Urban Delays

    In last month’s issue of Transport News we focussed on urban deliveries using a 4×2 tractor and short wheelbase trailer. Popular across the European continent, Brits prefer a 6×2 rigid with a rear steer axle […]

  • Urban Distributor Of Choice

    Urban Distributor Of Choice

    Navigating the urban labyrinth with a short wheelbase trailer is popular on the European continent, but isn’t quite as common in British cities, so Kevin Swallow trialled a Volvo FM tractor unit to see if […]

  • DAF’S Transaid City Slicker

    DAF’S Transaid City Slicker

    A 6×2 lightweight distribution truck is the most practical choice for urban multi-drop, and this month’s test wagon is currently doing the rounds with Transport Association members raising cash for Transaid. Transport News grabbed the […]

  • Anticipation Is The Name Of The Game

    Anticipation Is The Name Of The Game

    As a leading player in the eight wheeler sector, the construction industry often depends on Scania for innovative transport solutions. Kevin Swallow put the all new XT through its paces to see if it equates […]