50 Years Of VDO Tachographs

TACHOGRAPHS for the HGV market in the UK were launched 50 years ago by Lucas Kienzle and in that time ongoing changes have seen moves from the original analogue tachograph, to Generation one (digital) and now Generation two (smart tachograph) technology.

‘It hasn’t been the tachograph product alone that has changed. Many company changes took place during the last 50 years from being owned by the Midlands firm Lucas to then being owned by a number of global organisations; Mannesmann to start with, then Siemens AG for several years, the VDO brand was the brand that has stayed throughout all these changes and has now become an important brand of the Continental corporation since 2007, the latest company takeover.

Today the VDO brand is a central pillar of the commercial vehicle and aftermarket division within Continental worldwide.

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