reduction in fuel duty

ALTHOUGH focusing on spending, the Road Haulage Association was disappointed that Chancellor Sajid Javid made no mention of the keenly anticipated reduction in fuel duty in September’s Spending Review.

‘Recently we have seen much speculation of a 2ppl fuel duty cut,’ said RHA chief executive Richard Burnett. ‘The Spending Review would have been a golden opportunity for the Chancellor to provide a much needed shot in the arm for one of the nation’s key industry sectors.

‘Every penny cut, either in the price of fuel or fuel duty, cuts the operating cost of a typical 44 tonne truck, doing 80,000 miles per year, by approximately £450pa.

‘UK hauliers already pay the highest levels of fuel duty on diesel fuel in Europe. Their European counterparts, paying similar duty levels enjoy an essential user rebate, in the case of Italy this amounts to 19ppl.’

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