CVRAS Solutions For Cummins And Volvo Engines

DRIVELINE Emissions Technologies has become the first company to successfully validate a retrofit SCRt system meeting CVRAS requirements to Euro 3 Cummins C series engine vehicles. This adds vehicles such as the Dennis Trident alongside Volvo B7 based vehicles, of which there are still several thousand buses in operation in the UK.

The government’s CVRAS accreditation scheme is run by the Energy Savings Trust and Driveline’s test programme was completed at Millbrook during October, in addition to the successful Volvo D7 engine accreditation test held earlier in the year.

Stewart Mclean, managing director of Driveline commented; ‘This presents an exciting milestone for us. Following the acquisition of the Econoxt design and IP, we have invested well over £2m in 2019 alone on PEMS emissions testing equipment and product development as well as refining validation processes.’

‘Euro 3 Cummins and Volvo engine vehicles represents a part of the bus fleet that has been largely ignored. We achieved over 99% reduction in NOX emissions over the CVRAS test cycle and while this was a challenge, by working closely with our world class OE supply chain partners we are now well set to develop solutions for most Euro 3, 4 and 5 engines to meet the Euro 6 based CVRAS standard.

‘In our strong business relationship with the Energy Saving Trust we now look forward to providing the market with a greater range of accredited bus, coach and specialist vehicle exhaust retrofit applications than currently exists to meet market demand. With the impending extension of the London ULEZ , English Clean Air Zones and Scottish LEZ intervention initiatives, we are going to have a busy time over the next five years or so in the UK fleet sector.’

Stewart Mclean has run a number of on and off road fleet asset maintenance operations over the last 30 years or so: ‘Driveline Emissions sits well with our already well established aftermarket fleet exhaust maintenance technology and support operation, which has the largest network of modern exhaust maintenance depots in the UK and is rapidly expanding into Europe as well as other overseas markets.’

Driveline Emissions Technologies is wholly owned by Driveline Holdings which provides a range of on and off-road fleet asset support activities. The Scottish company is backed by Caledonian Heritable, a major Edinburgh based investor.

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