RHA Slams Clean Air Zones

THE RHA is calling for the government to reform its clean air zone (CAZ) policy as a matter of urgency, condemning the current approach as expensive, inflexible and ineffective.
Criticising the adverse impact it has on the resale values of non Euro 6 trucks, RHA chief executive, Richard Burnett said: ‘We all want clean air, but the right policies are needed to achieve it without damaging business. We have consistently pointed out the flaws with the current approach, but this seems to have fallen on deaf ears within government.
‘The current policy is seeing hard working and long established firms go out of business. There are better ways forward. Of course we want to decarbonise our industry but it is vital that Ministers and policymakers learn lessons so that the right framework is in place to address climate change. It must also supports jobs and economic growth.
‘The RHA has an alternative, smarter solution where all this pain can be avoided. As an immediate first step, we are calling for the government to amend the policy framework by introducing ‘intelligent phasing’ to negate the ‘stranded asset’ effect.’

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