BPW’s Master of Manoeuvring

UNTIL NOW, the benefits of a self-steering axle have arguably only been available during forward travel, as the steering mechanism is locked and the axle remains rigid when reversing. However, BPW has developed an electro-hydraulic auxiliary system, Active Reverse Control (ARC), to automatically control the steering axle going backwards.
ARC consists of control and hydraulic units, and a steering cylinder with an integrated steering angle sensor. When a driver engages with the reverse gear, the steering system is automatically activated via the reversing lights and the rotational speed and direction sensor. For precise movement, steering can be manually operated with a remote control, accurately manoeuvring a trailer into a defined area. The innovative sensor technology, mounted in the control unit, rather than the kingpin, detects the direction and angle of the steering.
By utilising Active Reverse Control, both fuel consumption and tyre wear will be reduced: at an annual mileage of 100,000 kilometres, you could save up to 1,000 litres of diesel and four tyres, suggested BPW. The system, which can be retrofitted to an existing self-steering axle, is suitable for both commercial and agricultural purposes. ARC can be utilised independently of the EBS system and can also be used to control two steering axles.
Available for both BPW drum and disc brake self-steering axles.

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