DfT To Work With RHA To Improve Driver Facilities

SECRETARY of State for Transport, Grant Shapps and Parliamentary Under-Secretary Baroness Vere, have acknowledged the contribution that delivery drivers have made to the nation, the economy, and businesses in recent months.
Commenting, RHA chief executive Richard Burnett said: ‘For years we have been lobbying for better driver facilities. Every day they are up against a lack of safe and secure parking areas, toilet, and shower facilities. The recent pandemic, although exacerbating the problem, has also brought the issues under government scrutiny.
‘For years we have been saying that operators need access to proper roadside facilities if they are to effectively continue their crucial role in transporting essential items across the country. Not just in times of hardship but now and in the future.
‘We have always enjoyed a close working relationship with the Department for Transport, I’m delighted that our constant lobbying is paying off and that improved driver facilities have been identified as an opportunity to use recovery from the pandemic to help support the haulage industry.
‘The past months have had a crippling effect on UK hauliers. In the early days of the pandemic they were refused access to even the most basic of toilet facilities at distribution centres and delivery points as they were not considered to be essential workers.
‘We contacted the Secretary of State and within hours, the issue was addressed, and HGV drivers were designated as essential.
‘At last, we are confident that the facilities that HGV drivers are entitled to will finally be put in place,’ said Richard Burnett.

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