Truck Safety Investment Urged

DRIVERS and fleet managers must invest in life-saving road safety technology, a safety campaigner has warned.
The UK Government has announced a £2bn package with the aim of doubling cycling and substantially grow walking to work by 2025, but increasing the number of pedestrians and cyclists in urban areas brings an increased risk of road accidents.
Vehicle safety expert Chris Hanson-Abbot OBE, founder and chairman of Kent based Brigade Electronics, is urging drivers and fleet managers to invest in cameras, sensors and reversing alarms to prevent collisions.
‘Vulnerable road users already account for almost half of all road accident victims. But the installation of road safety equipment will reduce the risk of accidents.’
360° view cameras, such as Brigade’s Backeye 360 system, give drivers a real-time view of the area around their truck or van in one single image, rather than just the blind spot or what’s behind them.
And reversing alarms enable pedestrians to instantly locate which direction the sound is coming from, while the broadband sound also gives people with hearing difficulties a better chance of being aware of the vehicle, and with a major drive to increase the number of silent electric vehicles a further hazard is created.

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