Time For On-Site CLOCS

ONE OF the pioneers of road safety technology, Brigade Electronics, has teamed up with CLOCS and Roadpeace to support a vital scheme to reduce deaths caused by construction vehicles which are disproportionately involved in serious and fatal collisions with vulnerable road users. An estimated 28,325 people have been killed or injured by construction vehicles in the last five years.
The Construction Logistics and Community Safety (CLOCS) scheme aims to reduce these accidents by encouraging stakeholders in the construction industry to adhere to a national safety standard.
CLOCS was developed by regulators and businesses together to ensure the safest construction vehicle journeys. It defines actions by planners, construction clients, and principal contractors that are simple to implement.
Roadpeace supports and fights for justice for people bereaved by or seriously injured in road crashes.
Road safety expert Emily Hardy, of Kent based Brigade Electronics, said: ‘We are calling on local authorities across the UK to embed CLOCS in their vehicle safety policies to reduce death and injury on the roads.
‘A significant increase in people walking and cycling without measures to reduce the dangers posed to them could lead to more deadly accidents.
‘Combine this with a forecasted building boom in the UK, and the need for widespread adherence to CLOCS becomes a matter of life and death.’

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