Tructyre Aims To De-Risk Britain’s Fleets

FOR TRUCTYRE, part of the global Michelin and Euromaster family, the past 12 months have been a challenge, managing pandemic impacts and helping to keep hauliers moving.
In April, the company launched a major re-brand, together with a new core strategy for helping customers: de-risking Britain’s fleets.
Tructyre’s managing director, Nick Harley, explained: “The way we operate is unique and it was important that we had an identity and brand. ‘De-risking Britain’s fleets’ is a way of defining what we do in a distinctive way; we protect the tyres of commercial fleets and that protects our customers’ operations.”
The rebrand follows the transition to a single, national call handling and administration office, the new Customer Experience Centre in Gateshead. The centre was set up to be as Covid-19 safe as possible, and the company managed to train new recruits face-to-face in a specially designed training centre.
Nick Harley added: “Tructyre has been in the business for 25 years, together with over 55 years’ experience from ATS and Euromaster. In a recent survey, our customers rated our technician’s knowledge as 9/10. With 60 depots across Britain, we think of ourselves as a national business, delivered locally, and that’s the difference Tructyre can offer.”

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