Hydrogen Trucks Given The Tartan Touch

THE UK government has provided funding for a trial of hydrogen fuel cell trucks in Scotland.
It is being organised by the Scottish Wholesale Association (SWA) trade group alongside Arcola Energy. Its remit is to identify the business case for fuel cell technology in the UK’s transition to zero-emission road freight.
Dubbed the Scottish Hydrogen Fuel Cell Freight Trial (SHyFT), it has secured funding from the Department for Transport’s Zero Emission Road Freight programme and is supported by a green hydrogen refuelling infrastructure in Scotland.
Richard Kemp-Harper, strategy director at Arcola Energy, said the key objective of the project is to ‘identify early adopters in heavy-duty freight sectors with a strong drive to decarbonise operations’.
Colin Smith, chief executive of the SWA, said: “Our involvement in the SHyFT project puts our sector and members at the forefront of the creation of greener fleets and creates a huge opportunity for members to be the first to transition to fuel cell HGVs.”

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