Numerically Unique Flagship

Templeman Retailing & Vending officially bought the 150,000th truck that MAN has sold in the UK, and its been given a livery to match the occasion. Lucy Radley talks to Kevin Templeman about the truck and the business.

It’s often said by more experienced drivers that the best companies to work for are own account operations. Templeman Retailing & Vending, based on Gateshead’s Team Valley Industrial Estate, Tyne & Wear, is an example of just such a firm.
They run one of the best-looking fleets in the north east of England, delivering wholesale snacks, drinks and ancillary products to customers who have vending, foodservice & retail operations all over the country.
Their latest addition was particularly pretty, as well as being a bit unique, because it was also the 150,000th truck MAN has sold in the UK.

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