250 Million Causes For Celebration

IN 2004, two years prior to the arrival of the digital tachograph, RoadTech’s programming team set about creating a revolutionary new web based tachograph analysis system, which they christened Tachomaster.
This wasn’t just a completely new and innovative way of analysing tachograph data, Tachomaster analysed Digital, Analogue and WTD data for £1 per driver per week, with no hidden costs or charges.
The system would be ‘pay as you go’ and offered a 28 day free trial that could be downloaded from the Tachomaster website in seconds. There would also be no contract to sign, so a customer could walk away at anytime.
Tachomaster was then officially launched in 2006, the year tachographs went digital, without having a single customer! However it quickly took the market by storm, because it was the first web based tachograph analysis system that offered, not just compliance, but internet based, multi-depot, instant and live real-time analysis and management reporting, alongside a completely new business model.
Tachomaster took tachograph analysis and management reporting to a completely different level, instantly attracting some of the largest multi-depot companies in the industry, together with family run businesses and even owner drivers.
Tachomaster is now so successful, that in mid-November 2023, its servers showed that the system had analysed 250,000,000 card, chart and vehicle downloads, going from not having a single customer in 2006, to becoming the market leader.
“Today, RoadTech have five integrated market leading systems, however, we are not a company to sit back on our laurels, we continue to write and develop new and innovative software solutions that will give our customers complete control over their two most expensive assets, their vehicles and their drivers,” said Maureen Balance, Roadtech’s sales manager.

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