Delayed Import Trade Controls To Start

The industry is just days away from the phased-in introduction of new post-Brexit trade rules on imports, with warnings that many businesses remain unaware of how they will be affected, writes Chris Tindall.

The border target operating model (BTOM) will be introduced on 31 January and companies involved in cross-border trade are urged to find out how the changes will impact their operation.

The BTOM is being introduced to provide guidance for traders, forwarders and transport companies for goods entering and leaving the UK. The UK government delayed its introduction several times in order for companies to prepare and also to ensure the correct infrastructure was in place.

Importers of products of animal origin and sanitary and phytosanitary (SPS) goods must be aware of the new requirements. Import entries now demand European Health certificates, SPS certificates, and pre-notification to the Border Force.

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