NCA Sting Takes Down Ransomware Criminals That Targeted Haulier

The UK’s National Crime Agency (NCA) has seized the website of criminal ransomware group LockBit, writes Carol Millett.

LockBit was instrumental in the collapse of KNP Logistics last year, as well as being responsible for targeting thousands of other victims across the world, during a four-year crime spree.

The sting operation, known as Operation Cronos and involving the FBI and international partners from nine other countries, has infiltrated the LockBit network, resulting in the arrest of two LockBit actors in Poland and Ukraine, and the freezing of over 200 cryptocurrency accounts linked to the group.

KNP Logistics Group, which included subsidiaries Knights of Old, Nelson Distribution, Steve Porter Transport and Merlin Supply Chain Solutions, suffered a major LockBit ransomware attack in June last year.

It hit key systems, processes and financial information and ‘adversely impacted’ on the group’s financial position, according to the administrator, and its ability to secure additional investment and funding, forcing it into administration.

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