• Truckfest NE

    Truckfest NE

    The Wolsingham showground in Co Durham played host to Truckfest North East, which returned to the region in a blaze of glory. Kevin Swallow took in the atmosphere, the fun and the wagons.

  • Turbo-Compounder


    To run long haul routes more efficiently manufacturers have embraced ‘down speeding’ where engines work at lower revs. Now Volvo Trucks has gone one step further and reintroduced turbo-compounding.

  • New iveco flagship

    New iveco flagship

    After much anticipation, Iveco finally unveiled its new flagship long haul truck in Madrid. The S-Way comes with a new stylish look, upgraded interior and an eye on preventative maintenance, reports Kevin Swallow.

  • DAF Tridem Tipper

    DAF Tridem Tipper

    A novel configuration within DAF’s range of four axle trucks with single and double drive is the ‘FAW’, which will be available ex-factory later this year. It’s a four axle CF or XF rigid with […]

  • Tip-ex gets a lift

    Tip-ex gets a lift

    In road transport industry terms it is perhaps the ultimate paradox: How the town of Harrogate can, when it is in full bloom, also double as the ancestral home of the UK’s tipper and tanker […]

  • All Truck Support

    All Truck Support

    The need to get on with their core business and not worrying about running a fleet of trucks and vans has taken Beatsons Building Supplies down the route of repair and maintenance contracts with Alltruck.

  • New Livery

    New Livery

    Renowned for being one of the largest trout and fish food hauliers in the UK, Stuart and Shelli Black have modernised the family business with a new name and a new livery.

  • 12t road test

    12t road test

    Worried your 7.5 tonner cannot carry enough payload? Many operators are looking to improve productivity by moving up the weight categories, and as Kevin Swallow discovers, the 12 tonner is popular these days.

  • Truckfest Beckons

    Truckfest Beckons

    UK Truckfest action moves north of the border once again with Truckfest Scotland taking place at the Royal Highland Centre on Saturday 3 and Sunday 4 August and of course, in association with Transport News.

  • Three into one

    Three into one

    After outgrowing its three sites, XS Transport has invested a seven figure sum into a new, fit for purpose depot in Grangemouth and now the company is poised to kick on again.


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