• One Hundred Of A Kind

    One Hundred Of A Kind

    Limited edition trucks always cause a bit of stir, especially if they are presented well. Fresh from testing MANs PerformanceLine, Transport News got its hands on the Actros1 from Mercedes-Benz. To see if this fancy […]

  • Green Machine With More Power And Payload

    Green Machine With More Power And Payload

    Isuzu Truck (UK) has given its Grafter chassis cab a revamp with a new, smaller but more powerful engine and increased its body and payload potential. Kevin Swallow braved the wintry conditions to see if […]

  • Volvo FE Beefed Up

    Volvo FE Beefed Up

    Last year Volvo Trucks added the 350hp engine and a new nine tonne front axle to the list of options for the FE, making the truck more versatile to meet the demands of local repetitive […]

  • The Modern MAN 

    The Modern MAN 

    Manufacturers are producing trucks with greater horse power and torque and using innovative technology to bring down the cost of ownership. Kevin Swallow spent the day behind the wheel of an MAN TGX 26.500, a […]

  • The Quick Step

    The Quick Step

    The fourth generation FH from Volvo Trucks comes with some decent tweaks and upgrades, but what shone through this test was the performance of the I-Shift dual clutch. Kevin Swallow reports back after spending the […]

  • Extra, Extra….

    Extra, Extra….

    Iveco’s Stralis XP is aimed at the long haul operator with the manufacturer delivering several fuel saving tricks to improve fuel economy. Kevin Swallow put XP through its paces to see if the focus on […]

  • At Home In The Range 

    At Home In The Range 

    The Range T380 from Renault Trucks is the first rigid to go around the revamped Transport News distribution test route. Kevin Swallow considers whether beefing up the specification of a 26 tonner brings any net […]

  • Let There Be Lite

    Let There Be Lite

    Like all established fleet options the appeal of Volvo Trucks’ FM is that it has the specification to do everything from local, to specialised to long haul. Kevin Swallow put an FM11 with a lightweight […]