Supportive Budget

THE ROAD Haulage Association has welcomed the news that the Chancellor’s Budget halves the amount smaller firms have to pay to hire an apprentice from 10% to 5%.

Also welcomed is his recognition that the UK road network is in desperate need of a cash injection and his intention to earmark a total of £30 billion for motorways and other major road improvements. This includes £420 million for fixing potholes to be made available immediately.

However the Freight Transport Association reckons the £420m is a drop in the ocean when considering work that will cost more than £8 billion is needed to rectify years of under investment in our road network.

The freeze on the HGV VED for 2019-20 is to be welcomed, and FTA is particularly pleased to hear that the government is set to maintain the difference between alternative and main road fuel duty rates until 2032. ‘This will support the de-carbonisation

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